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What are the most reliable brands of laptops?

Author : Juelias

Submitted : 2017-10-20 22:38:59    Popularity:     

Tags: reliable  brands  laptops  

Asking what "the best" brand is is too subjective in this case, so what are the most dependable laptop brands in terms of the low probability of one crashing or giving hard drive issues, etc.? I'm done with HP, and I hear really good things


"What are the most reliable brands of laptops?"

This sort of question allows each person to shout about his personal experience with one computer. Is that useful? Of course not. Someone would need to gather data from hundreds of owners to get some average for reliability and service satisfaction. Fortunately, many websites have done this....

* (one repair shop chain's reliability scores)
* (PC World Magazine survey of reliability and service)

Without a song and dance it is Lenovo used to be IBM used to be Motorola now it's Lenovo but Lenovo has the record of any computer on this planet for being the most durable you can look on eBay now and find many lenovo's that are still functioning all the way back from the windows 1995 era very few other computer still function after all that time except for Lenovo

what are the most dependable laptop brands in terms of the low probability of one crashing or giving hard drive issues, etc.?

All computers can crash, and have hard drive issues. Yes, there are computers that are better than others, but this does not mean that people don't have problems with their computer.

I think you should learn more about computers, so you can at least figure out how to work with it. The problem that you have is that you don't understand how to use your laptop, and as a result you will always have problems with it.

I have used Microsoft Windows 10. Every computer should get updates. Doing updates with your laptop is normal. What should happen is before you shut down your laptop, then at this point if your laptop says something about updates, then just update your computer, and then your laptop should shut down. Next just push the power button on your laptop, and then your laptop should turn on, and then you should be able to use it.

Which country are you from? I thought anyone who discusses laptop reliability in the industrialized world already knows that the laptop brand label is not the manufacturer for the vast majority of laptops. They don't design them, build them, and rarely input much on parts. I worked over 30 years in Procurement Engineering at IBM and Lenovo with Thinkpad Development and know the extent other companies got involved in the products.
India is very much into brands, and China people have to take brand seriously.
Brand of laptop might relate to how fast they'll repair or honor the warranty.

First of all, the vast majority of issues in laptops is about operating system and software. The installation of Windows 10 on old Windows 7 laptops caused a nightmare. Apple has a limited software set. Price is highly linked to reliability and Apple laptops cost a lot. Their profit margin is by multiples higher than any other company and there's still money left to use high quality parts.

Business level laptops are more reliable than consumer level, though I'm not sure that HP uses different parts.
Tablet and 2-in-one screens crack like crazy unless using Corning Gorilla Glass.
You get overheating when their cooling system is defective, especially with higher performance laptops.
HDDs are common to fail, and even Apple has a history of HDD failures on some model years.
They are made by other companies and IBM solved a major issue with accelerometers that were copied into other laptops.
The USB ports fail mechanically. The DC input port fails. Cheap keyboards fail.
The charts of reliability show that the company selling the most cheap laptops overall has the highest mechanical failure rates, and that company ordering changes over time based on their volume of cheap laptops.
The port failures are from plug-unplug. I think at least some Lenovo Thinkpads changed to an improved pin design rather than the single pin and outer spring type.

This wiki might help

Wistron, formerly a division of Acer, does an excellent job. But, you won't know which branded laptop is made by Wistron. Pegatron does OK, but I think Asus started to use ECS(Elitegroup) and anything from there is questionable. The table is 2009, and market shares changed.

This is the only public data:
Very few hardware issues.
2016 semi-annual report includes tablets and Kindles:
4. Apple 20.8 2.9 723 A > expensive
5. Samsung 6.1 2 305 A > mostly tablets, and expensive laptops
6. Microsoft 1.6 1.3 128 B > A few expensive Surface models
7. Lenovo 9.4 7.4 127 B > Thinkpad volume brings them up the list
8. Acer 3.7 3.9 95 C+ > Surprise! And, Acer never produced a laptop in their history. They have almost zero research and Development and only manufacture LCD monitors
9. Asus 3.4 3.7 93 C+ > They actually make a lot of their own
10. Dell 16.5 23 72 C- > The business line brings them up
11. HP 17.9 37.5 48 D > You know
12. Dell 2 4.3 47 D > Not sure the difference of this Dell and the other C-

MSI and Gigabyte volumes aren't high enough
My Toshiba is of unknown source since they were an early exit of laptops. It's purely only a Toshiba label.

Thing is, since you only ask people who get a laptop once in years, the only real data is from a repairer. And, the tightest relationship to reliability is price.
However, the business laptops are more reliable than consumer level.

If using it for audio, although Sony used to be good, I don't think their new stuff after they sold the division went anywhere. Maybe a used Apple, or some MSI and Asus are good. Lenovo Thinkpad is a good choice id selective.

ASUS is my preferred brand for nicer laptops. Acer is pretty solid for getting something decent on a budget.

Apple overcharges for what you get, but if you are the kind of person who says "I don't care, just make it work" a lot, then it is a good option.

It seems that it is not the make of is the OS updates.....and perhaps what you are doing before and during the one should know....before you install any save all work....close all programs....
Not sure about windows 10 ( I have windows 7 ) and in win 7 I can select " not " to auto not to notify me.....( this way when I want updates...I will do them when I want to )......

Honest to god, I've had nothing but awful experiences with Dell.
Acer and Asus together have given me no major trouble, although Acer seems to offer better CPU than it's competitor. For many this may not even be noticeable.
With that being said, at the end of the day Brand name doesn't matter as we make it seem.

The difference between these brands is sometimes they have different partner companies that make a different styled motherboard for example, unless you are interested in completely flipping this laptop's specs (which I absolutely do not recommend for a laptop, that is best suited for a PC), you don't need to concern yourself with that. You seem to be for the most part interested in casual use, in which case the biggest difference in brands for you is aesthetics.

Dell and apple

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